Jewellery Trends For Autumn 2018

Photo credit: Priscila @myshowroomblog wearing the Esmeralda Hoops with Pearl Pendants

Summer has come and gone, but no worries: stylish jewellery is here to stay. Let’s kick off a new season by taking a look at the top jewellery trends for autumn.

As if to compensate for the lack of sunshine outside, the designs seem to channel it. There’s lots of shine coming through, along with nature-inspired shapes and a general predisposition towards the beauty of asymmetry.

Keep reading to discover the top trends and look for the pieces we’re loving for each.

Trend: Force Of Nature

Despite the cold temperatures, autumn is a visually rich season. So it makes sense that some of the visual boldness made its way into jewellery designs as well.

Designers have taken inspiration from nature’s shapes and colours to create designs in deep, well saturated hues. Small symbols like leafs and flowers have been seen dangling from thick or dainty chains. Rough textures such as those found in seashells are also spicing up the trend, as nostalgic summer trinkets.

The most important thing to take away from this trend is not its literal interpretation though. Rather, it’s about embracing imperfections and asymmetries that naturally occur in the wild.

Here are a couple of pieces which fit within this trend:

The Lovely Bones

The Nest Ring

Trend: Round Round Baby Round Round

For the autumn season, jewellery designers tend to gravitate towards pure round shapes. And for good reason: there’s something inexplicably alluring about a perfectly round hoop (bonus points if it’s oversized).

In the necklace department, all eyes are on chokers again. They’ve been making the rounds for quite a few seasons now and they’re pretty much still in the game for autumn 2018 as well. The reason? They’re super easy to wear and a quick way to give some edge to any look. If you want to go bolder with your styling choices, pair a chocker with multiple layered, longer necklaces.

Baroque Pearl Chocker

Trend: Convertible, Multi-Use Designs

We’ve briefly touched upon these before, as they seem to be a consistent trend this year and, luckily enough, they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon.

Transformable or convertible pieces are those pieces that can be worn in multiple ways by either detaching or by mix-and-matching their removable parts.

If you love the idea of creating your own jewellery look each day as much as we do, investing in pieces that can be worn in more than just one way will make sense for you too.

Here are some of our favourite transformable earrings:

Esmeralda Hoops with Pearl Pendants (Large)

Say "Yes" Pearl Earrings

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