Jewellery Tips & Tricks To Make The Most Of Your Collection

Eager to see your jewellery collection in a whole new light?

Here are a few tips that’ll help you do just that…


Mix & Match What You Already Have

Earrings: try wearing them mismatched. Pair a long, shiny earring with a subdued stud. Or wear two, very different studs.

For your necklaces, stack them progressively to get a fun, dynamic layered look going on. Here are a few simple mix & match suggestions to get you going.

And, finally, for your bracelets, experiment with wild asymmetries or perfect symmetries: that means wearing all of your bangles on one wrist or, on the contrary, wearing two identical bracelets, one on each wrist.

Jewellery pieces made to be mixed and matched:

Wear Old Pieces In Unconventional Ways

Have a fancy party to attend and looking to make a splash? The solution lies no further than your jewellery box: pick a statement brooch and wear it in your hair.

On the same note, you could pin brooches to hats, hairbands, purses or shoes for an extra dose of glam. Lots of unexpected and fun combinations to uncover!

As for the statement necklaces you’ve grown bored of, wear them around your waist as an elegant new belt or in your hair, in lieu of a headband.

Finally, don’t push those glam statement earrings aside either! Wear only one for a fancy night out, but remember to swipe your hair to the opposite side to balance it out.

A pair of classic earrings that are attention grabbers in their own right:


Invest In One-Of-A-Kind Pieces

A surefire way to make sure nobody else is wearing the same things you are?

Get personalised gems!

A statement necklace that screams opulence, a pair of earrings that speak to your soul and your soul alone or a unique, elaborate pendant can each pull you out of a styling rut.

Just remember that, if you want them to last, you’ll need to have them made in real, quality materials.

For inspiration, take a peek at our own gallery of past pieces - it contains one-of-a-kind designs that’ll get your imagination rolling:

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