The Jewellery Styling Tips You Need To Navigate Any Trend

Here’s what you need to do to avoid styling ruts: every now and then, instead of following the trends, follow your heart.

And yes, this goes for jewellery as well.

Read on to get the scoop.


Consider Your Mood Before Accessorising… But Not Exclusively

Matching your outfit and accessories to your mood is pretty much a given. (After all, if you're not feeling what you’re wearing, it’ll show.)

But there’s more to it than that: the time of day and where you’re going are also worth considering. Thinking about these will instantly give you the right idea.

Photo credit: @annamaradan
wearing the Angel Necklace

Evenings call for bold and decadent accessories, while day-to-day activities are easier to do with dainty jewellery.

For specific pointers on how to wear jewellery to compliment your look, head here.


Switch It Up With The Season

Are you in the habit of wearing your favourite jewellery pieces over and over again?

Most of us are - and that’s a good thing!

Still, switching up the pieces you have on rotation is a must if you want to keep your mind (and your style) sharp!

The start of a new season is the perfect occasion to hit the refresh button and do just that. Think: making a strategic investment or just creating a fresh selection out of what you already have.

For a dedicated guide on curating your jewellery wardrobe, click here.

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Experiment Every Chance You Get

Photo credit: Alison of BangBangBlond
wearing the Pearl Studs and the Diamond Bar Studs.

Dare yourself to go out of your comfort zone from time to time and break free from your own patterns.

Start with this: if you're only wearing gold jewellery, add silver into the mix for a styling upgrade.

Or, instead of reaching for the umpteen dainty ring, go for a statement one.

Who knows? You may discover jewellery preferences you never knew you had - enjoy the ride and watch your personal style flourish!

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