Jewellery Resolutions For 2017

New year, new you? We say YES!

Make 2017 your most stylish year yet by committing to a fresh set of goals and sticking to them.

But what should these goals be and how can you make sure that, come June, they won’t be dusty and forgotten?

We have a few simple ideas which are easy to implement and are sure to set you up for years to come. 

Jewellery Resolution #1:

Only Invest In High-Quality Pieces

Yes, fast fashion is a trend that’s very much alive and eternally tempting — in terms of both jewellery and clothes. However, it usually implies quality cutbacks.

So, how about making 2017 the year when you only invest in top-notch items? Pieces made with care and attention to detail from high materials.

Here are a few pieces which won’t break the bank, that you’ll wear all throughout 2017 and beyond.


Matt Little Phalanx & Yellow Gold Diamond Stack

Gold Little Phalanx & White Gold Diamond Stack

White Gold, Diamond & Polished Little Phalanx Stack

Jewellery Resolution #2:

Don’t Wear What Everybody Else Is Wearing

Trends are fleeting, but style is forever.

In 2017, make it a point to only scoop up pieces with fresh, original and versatile designs.

Your choices will be rewarded with LOTS of admirative glances.


XO Ring

Diamond Accented "Quote Un-Quote" Earrings with Pearls

Lemon Citrine Duet Ring

Jewellery Resolution #3: 

Take Better Care Of Your Jewellery

Once you invest in spectacular, quality pieces it only makes sense to take extra care of them.

That means storing them one by one in separate pouches to avoid scratches, as well as keeping them away from chemicals, salty water or excessive heat and moisture.

Photo source: the lovely @thaonhile on Instagram

Pro Tip: Put your jewellery on last, after you’ve done your hair and makeup. Make it a personal ritual to pick and choose your pieces for the day and pamper yourself with their fine textures and shiny looks. You’ll not only ensure that your jewellery remains sparkly and make-up/styling product free but it will put you in a zen mindset well before you step foot outside the door.


Here’s to a glorious (and extra stylish) 2017!

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