What's Your Jewellery Personality?

Photo credit: @coccolejarvis wearing the Heart Hoops

Your jewellery personality is not something that’s immediately obvious. You may have noticed some patterns, but to know for sure take our short quiz!

Pick the answer that best represents you and scroll to the end to find out: 

Your favourite ring is:

  1. a fun cocktail ring
  2. a midi ring
  3. a dainty band

Your everyday jewellery selection must include:

  1. a pair of subtle drop earrings
  2. a fun bracelet
  3. a dainty necklace

What do you look for when shopping for jewellery:

  1. something you can wear to the office every day
  2. the offbeat design nobody has
  3. dainty designs you can wear with anything

Friends describe your personality as:

  1. positive, starry-eyed, ambitious
  2. outgoing, cheerful, always up for an adventure
  3. calm, friendly, warm

Which one of these you would never wear:

  1. a toe ring
  2. a tiara
  3. an oversized, chunky necklace

Most of your jewellery is stored:

  1. each in its designated box
  2. somewhere in your main jewellery box
  3. in a dish on your bed stand

Your favourite colours are mostly:

  1. pinks and reds
  2. the entire rainbow
  3. not a colour, but black and white










Scroll down to see the answers.


If you’ve picked mostly A) you’re…

The Dreamer

Your jewellery style is classic, feminine, with a focus on soft colours. When given the choice, you pick figurative pieces to which you assign a special meaning. Hearts and florals rendered in sweet colours are your soft spot.

You own, cherish and wear numerous family heirlooms.

You keep more than one jewellery box and they’re all filled to the brim. Statement necklaces, dainty studs, cocktail rings - you’ll wear them all, as long as they’re chic and elegant.

Coral Rose Earrings

If you’ve picked mostly B) you’re…

The Stand-Out

Your jewellery style is hip, fresh, unique. Your instinct is to always go for off-the-wall designs that you won’t see anyone else wearing.

For you, jewellery is a way to enhance your mood and make you feel empowered, bold, ready to take on the day.

You don't necessarily own a drawer full of jewellery - you mange to be pretty selective with what you have on rotation at any given moment and you use jewellery to punctuate your looks, not to take them over completely. That being said, you're always on the lookout for the next special piece.

Emerald & Pearl Bracelet

If you’ve picked mostly C) you’re…

The Minimalist 

Your jewellery mantra is “More is less.” With a taste for clean style and uncomplicated designs, you see jewellery as a deeply personal detail. For this reason, you don’t own a million pieces. In fact, you can barely fill up a jewellery box.

What you do own, however, you wear day-in, day-out because it goes with everything in your wardrobe. Once you find the pieces you love, you stay loyal to them for years on end. You love wearing dainty jewellery. Your definition of going all out is reaching for a pair of pearl studs or a diamond studded band.

Black Little Phalanx Stack

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