How To Make Your Jewellery Last Forever

No matter how carefully you curate your jewellery collection, how often you shop for new pieces or how dedicated you are to the trends, one thing’s for sure: you’ll only look as good as your jewellery.

Here’s how to make sure your beloved pieces keep looking like new even though they aren’t.

Jewellery Care Tip #1: Take Off Your Jewellery In The Pool Or At The Gym

Even if you’re in a rush, always store your pieces away before you head out to a workout or swimming session.

Photo source: Rosalina from Sisterholics

This is such a simple way to ensure they won’t get damaged, tangled or broken before the class is over. Minimum effort, max results!

The same thing applies to swimming: the chlorine or salt in the water can dull even the shiniest of rocks and destroy pearls!


Jewellery Care Tip #2: Jewellery Is The Last Thing To Put On

Do your make-up, your hair and apply body lotions, oils or perfume beforehand.

Photo source: Maria from her blog post "21.04"

You don’t want to get any hairspray or perfumes etc. on your jewellery. Plus, this way, you will be able to assess your finished look with a critical eye.

Oh, and remember to do as Coco Chanel wisely advised: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Done and done!


Jewellery Care Tip #3: Clean them with a soft cloth from time to time and always store them in individual pouches, away from the sun.

Beautiful Love Is packaging photo

Photo source: @thaonhile on Instagram

When not in use, your jewellery should be properly stored in separate compartments or pouches. Make it a point to untangle necklaces, bracelets or long earrings and keep them away from each other (especially for long periods of time) so they won’t get scratched or tarnished.

And, finally, if you ever notice a layer of grease on your pieces, wipe them with a soft cloth. If you’re still not content, go at them with warm water and a mild soap, then wipe them dry.

Jewellery care is no rocket science, but a little can go a very long way.
Here’s to eternally sparkly gems and shiny metals!
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