Is Wearing No Jewellery A Good Idea?

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Is wearing no jewellery ever a good idea? Here’s your short answer: yes... sometimes.

And, at other times, it is best to go for minimal pieces - what we’ll call the “no jewellery” jewellery look.

When You Should Never Wear Jewellery

As jewellery lovers, we wish there was never a time when our favourite pieces had to be left in their box. But, for both our sake and theirs, sometimes you have to do just that: take them all off and store them carefully.

Fortunately, there are very few occasions when that becomes necessary. Namely, it’s best to wear no jewellery when cooking, swimming and sleeping.

First, it’s safer to not have your rings on when preparing food. It’s not just the risk of coming in contact with oils or abrasive textures. There’s also the possibility of them slipping off your hand and into the food itself. Or, worse, in the trash bin or down the sink.

Then, at the pool, leave your jewellery inside the locker. Chlorine or salt water would dull the shine and your strong, quick movements could get your pieces tangled or broken. This also applies to any other workout or sport. Take off all jewellery so you can enjoy your activities and reap all the health benefits.

And finally, there’s sleeping. Nothing inherently bad happens if you doze off with your necklaces, bracelets or rings on, but it’s better if you don’t turn it into a habit. They’ll twist and turn with you in your sleep and, in time, the chances of them getting damaged get higher. Just leave them on your beside table and sleep tight!

The “No Jewellery” Jewellery Look

Remember the barely-there, “no make-up” make-up look? You can apply the same philosophy to your jewellery style, too.

Put this tip to use on days when you feel like less is more or on occasions that call for more restraint.

To perfect the look, you can go for stud earrings, dainty rings and dainty necklaces. They’ll make you shine in a chic, effortless way without drawing too much attention.

Here are our suggestions to complete your “no jewellery” jewellery look:

Mabe Pearl Studs

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