The Investment Jewellery Pieces You Can Decidedly Wear Everyday

Getting yourself new jewellery to wear everyday is one thing, but finding an investment piece you can also sport day in, day out is a whole other beast.

And it’s easy to understand why: with all the options out there, making a decision is hard. So, whether you’re saving up to make an important purchase for your birthday or scouting out something for a loved one, here are three choices you simply can’t go wrong with.

The Dainty Ring You Can Wear From Day To Night

Yay for dainty rings: these pieces are pretty much fail-proof and you can wear them anywhere, anytime. But did you know you could elevate your ring game even further? Enter: the investment dainty ring.

Set your sights on one made from 18ct gold because it strikes the best balance between purity and strength. And from there… the sky’s the limit! A dainty ring embellished with precious gems will make your heart sing. But it’ll also be toned down enough to wear everyday. Win-win!

Here’s a good choice (and also one of our best sellers):

Pair of Yellow Gold Diamond Rings

The Effortless, Yet Eye-Catching Earrings

Statement earrings are fun, investment statement earrings are better. But do you know what’s best? Investment statement earrings you can wear everyday.

Instead of keeping your earrings in a box and only taking them out on occasion, why not go for a pair that is versatile enough to wear Monday through Sunday?

Here’s how to do it: forgo the stone-heavy versions, because they’ll prove to be quite challenging to style. Instead, opt for refined materials in subtle shapes that don’t scream out for attention, yet do get noticed every time.

Our suggestion is a pair of 18ct yellow gold and matt frosted fleur de lys quartz earrings:

Frosted Fleur Des Lys Earrings

The Delicately Charming Bracelet

The only way to compliment dainty rings and bare fingers alike, a fine bracelet is an all-around winner.

What makes it an investment piece though? Well, it’s almost always how it’s embellished. For an all-out experience, opt for a bracelet dotted with diamonds. Not too loud and not too quiet, these will glimmer and shine in daylight just enough to make your wrist stand out. And, yes: layering two of them will double the effect. Have fun!

For an 18ct gold piece with natural yellow diamonds, look no further:

White Gold Diamond Bar Bracelet

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