Making The Case For Interchangeable Earring Charms: 5 Reasons They Work So Well

Making The Case For Interchangeable Earring Charms: 5 Reasons They Work So Well

Diamond Earring Pendant

Change the pendant on a dainty chain and it looks like you’re wearing a new necklace every time.

It simply makes sense to keep the supporting piece in place and switch up the decorative part again and again.

With this in mind, we created a series of interchangeable charms that can bring this remarkable versatility to your ears as well.

Angel & Little Chilli Gold Closed Hoops

Here are the reasons why interchangeable earring charms work so well:

1) Maximum stylistic freedom. You can mix and match the pendants however you want, even wear them asymmetrically: a colourful one in one ear and a diamond in the other. Or really commit to the asymmetry and add a pendant on one side, while wearing just the loop on the other!

2) Comprehensive personal style. Given their small form factor and their convenient pricing, it is feasible to curate a varied personal collection that you can cycle through. Have some charms on daily or weekly rotation and keep others exclusively for special occasions.


3) Fully practical. With their small form factor, interchangeable charms maintain all the practicality of their closed loop supports, keeping them suitable for everyday wear. They won’t get in the way when you rush out to a business lunch and your hair won’t get tangled in them, even if you wear it down.


4) Discretion when you want it. Small earrings are worn not only for practicality, but also for discretion. With the added charms, you’ll still be able to slip under the radar when you want to keep a low profile and focus on what you’re doing. But the moment you engage in conversation with another person and access their full attention, your personal style will register clearly.

5) They’re fun. A big part of wearing jewellery is how special some pieces can become, how much significance they can carry. The more you love them, the more you'll wear them and the less time they’re cast away, collecting dust on your nightstand. With their playful dimension, putting on your interchangeable earring charms will doubtlessly become one of those fun and mindful moments before you start a new day.

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