How To Wear Stacked Rings

One of the best things about jewellery is mix-and-matching.

Particularly when it comes to rings!

If you’re in need of some fresh inspo, here are a few winning ring stacks and how to achieve them.


How To Wear Stacked Rings: The Centrepiece Combo

Just because it’s a statement ring, do you have to wear it all by itself? By no means!

Even the fanciest of bands can be worn in a stack.


Start small by pairing your statement ring with a few dainty pieces. You can add up to three or four into the mix and they won’t overshadow the star piece.

And, when you’re feeling brave enough, you can take it to the next level by layering two statement rings on the same finger.

Offset the megawatt moment with a midi ring to keep things fresh and chic.

In the image, left column: Pair of Yellow Gold Diamond Rings, Lemon Citrine Duet RingPair of Yellow Gold Diamond Rings.

In the image, right column: Yellow Gold Diamond Ring, Aquamarine Duet Ring, Amethyst Duet Ring.


How To Wear Stacked Rings: The Triple Threat Approach

If you dare (and plan ahead accordingly), you can effortlessly steal the spotlight with three instances of the SAME ring.

That’s right.


You can even opt for different sizes of the same ring, and proceed to wear them as midi or as regular rings and, of course, layer them as you please.

In the image: Tsavorite Ring


How To Wear Stacked Rings: A Family Affair

A variation on the previous, the family affair approach to ring stacking also calls for wearing multiple items at the same time.

Except now, they are different pieces from the same collection.

The result is a surprisingly easy-to-master combination, with a sleek and coherent dynamic.


The more you think about it, the more you’ll fall in love with the idea.

Plus, it’ll be a breeze to mix-and-match when you’re on the go.

Have fun making this idea your own!

In the image: Rings from the "Quote Un-Quote" collection.

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