This Is How To Wear Necklaces With Different Necklines

Ever stood in front of the mirror wondering how to wear necklaces with different necklines?

Then this is a post you don’t want to miss…


The Sweet and Simple Way

Or, as we like to call it, the can’t-go-wrong way.

This is the case when the necklace and the neckline match each other’s shape. Most commonly, your starting point in this scenario will be a V-neck, a plunging neckline or an unbuttoned shirt.

Photo credit: @sarah_fashionboho

When adding a necklace to any of these options, your best bet is a simple chain plus pendant combo which will naturally hang down into a similar shape to that of the neckline.

There you have it: sweet and simple!



What about generous necklines like square necks, u-necks or sweethearts?

In all these cases, you’ll notice that there is substantial empty space. So take advantage and fill it in with a larger, eye-catching necklace.

This way, the visual contrast will feel balanced and pleasant to the eye.

Just make sure you leave enough of a visual buffer between the neckline and the necklace to keep the aesthetics in check.


Quite The Opposite

Whoever said that opposites attract was right. It even applies to the matter of necklines versus necklaces!

Just because there isn’t a predefined negative space that begs to be filled with jewellery, it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for stylistic experiments.

So try choosing a necklace whose shape and material is the exact opposite of your top’s.

This works best for round necks, crewnecks or high necks, where you’d normally forgo necklaces altogether.

Here’s a quick example to get you started: layer a dainty necklace on top of a light sweater with a tight neckline:

Photo credit: @sarah_fashionboho

Have fun using these ideas and you’ll soon be a necklace styling expert!

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