This Easy Styling Trick Will Instantly Update Your Winter Wardrobe

The low temperatures are not budging (yet).

And that’s OK.

Because we have a styling secret that can keep you looking fresh until spring.

After what seemed like endless seasons of chokers and statement necklaces, last year saw the return of the dainty necklace.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of trends past, fine necklaces came back as the fresh and easy styling trick you can employ even when you’re busy as a bee.

Especially in winter, when you’re feeling weighed down by layers needed to ensure your survival in the cold outside air, a well-placed accessory can be crucial.

Here’s some inspiration to get you started…

Photo credit: Sarah Fashion Boho

Enhance even the most minimal of outfits with a little bit of shine. Reach for your daintiest necklace and wear it over everyday fuzzy sweaters or thin knits.

Photo credit: Anna Maradan

When winter makes you feel invisible underneath that heavy coat, a dainty necklace will frame your face and draw in the attention you deserve.

Photo credit: Draw Dress Dream

Always on the move? Put on a fine necklace over your top right before stepping out of your Uber and you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Elevating your favourite sweaters can become a go-to styling trick if you already have some dainty necklaces on rotation.

And if you don’t, here are a few of our year-round faves:

Angel Necklace

Quote Un-Quote Necklace

The B'Os Necklace 

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