How To Wear Jewellery To Compliment Your Look

Sometimes even the most experienced of jewellery wearers are stumped when it comes to picking the right pieces to go with a particular outfit.

If this is you, keep reading for some easy tips that’ll pull you out of any styling dilemma!

Go For A Focal Point

Over- or under- accessorising is possible, but if you’re terrified of getting it wrong, you’ll never get it right!

So stop worrying whether a piece is too much and focus on the grand scheme of things.

In this case, it’s as easy as establishing the focal point of your look. Wearing a strapless dress? Then your neck needs some extra attention. Wearing a turtleneck? Then show your ears some extra (sparkly) love.

Here’s a quick illustration from Priscila @myshowroom blog, who’s pairing an elbow sleeve top with a statement bracelet:

LEFT: Priscila @myshowroomblog

RIGHT: The Lynx & The Hare Bracelet

Know Your Colour Tones

You don’t have to be a colour theory master to know that yellow gold looks best on warm complexions and silver metals look best on neutral or cool skin tones - you probably have this figured out by now, right? :)

The issue that remains is matching jewellery with your ensembles.

LEFT: The B'Os Necklace

RIGHT: Carmel @drawdressdream

But that’s an easy feat to accomplish if you keep this small guidance in mind: match gold jewellery with warm or neutral colours like soft pink, camel or taupes. Conversely, silver and white gold jewellery will look best when paired with greens, blues or violets.

Whites, blacks and greys will work well with either gold or silver jewellery.

Pick The Right Hairstyle

Ok, maybe there is no such thing as the absolutely “right” hairstyle.

However, if you want your jewellery to shine bright and make a difference, you have to give it centre stage.

For example, consider putting your hair up if you’re wearing a stunning necklace or tucking it behind your ears to highlight a special pair of earrings. Rest assured, they will stand out. Here’s one of our favourites, @bangbangblond, illustrating this easy trick at a Dior event:

LEFT: Alison @bangbangblond

RIGHT: Pearl on Pearl Earrings 

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