The Cool Girl's Guide To Wearing Jewellery

So you want to wear your jewellery in the coolest, freshest way possible?

Below we’ve rounded up three simple tips to help you do just that on an everyday basis.

Jump right in!


The Basics Will Never Go Out Of Style

Trends may come and go, but there’s one easy way to conquer them all: reaching for the basics.

And, when it comes to jewellery, you can’t go wrong with a dainty gold necklace.

Less is more, simple is better and the surefire way to nail your spring look is to pull out your favourite fine necklace and layer it over a white tee.

Photo credit: @annamaradan

That’s it! Simple, fresh and to the point. Finish off the look with your favourite bottoms and any shoes from kitten heels to comfy sneakers for an ensemble that will stand the test of time.


Anna is wearing:

A Fresh Layering Method

Ok, you know what they say… when in doubt, layer.

Only this time, how about you go about it the other way? Instead of layering fine necklaces over other fine necklaces, layer multiple pendants next to each other.

Photo credit: @alisonliaudat

One easy recipe? Go for classic gold and spruce it up with a pop of red. Or even better, reach for this ready-made combo:

Alison is wearing:


Harness The Power Of The A-seasonal Earrings

Time and time again, hoops turn up in all the best seller lists and they show no sign of stopping.

And why would they? After all, they go with anything, anywhere and anytime.

As impossibly light statement makers, they’re easy to reach for time and time again.

 Photo credit: My Showroom

So, this season, make it a point to incorporate them in more of your looks. The mesmerising result is bound to amaze you…

 Priscila is wearing:
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