How To Wear Drop Earrings

Coveted, photographed, worn and admired by women everywhere, drop earrings are absolute classics in the world of jewellery. Something about their Goldilocks proportions - not too long, not too short - makes them able to meet almost any styling challenge, in almost any context.

Read through our list of how to wear drop earrings and you will find inspiration for your existing jewellery, along with some altogether new suggestions.

How To Wear Drop Earrings: With A Matching Necklace

Wearing your drop earrings with a long, matching necklace has always been the standard choice, the classic way to go.

So if you want all the convenience and safety of a time-proven pairing, while still being able to express yourself in a contemporary way, opt for a chocker instead of a long necklace.

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Wear blue jeans and a white tee to complete your fresh look and make sure you leave out any other accessories, like bracelets or rings.

How To Wear Drop Earrings: With Statement Rings

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To put together a personal, signature look, start with your best drop earrings - we suggest our new Laser Cut Prasiolites for their unapologetic gleam and textured surface. Then, choose the statement rings to match. Precious gems in light or pastel colours can complement these earrings to perfection.

And, if you aim for even more of a visual impact, choose gems with deep, strong colours like emeralds or rubies, for both earrings and rings. The options are plentiful: Ruby Red Earrings, Drop Emerald Earrings, Blue Sapphire Earrings.

How To Wear Drop Earrings: All By Themselves

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There is, of course, the straight-forward way: wearing drop earrings all by themselves.

On the one hand, this is a minimalist styling cue. A soft white shirt and a pair of pearl drop earrings are the essentials you need in all but the most official of settings.

On the other hand, this practical approach could be extended to most of your daily outfits. Make your favourite pair of drop earrings your default jewellery item and you’ll have a practical way of accessorising that will never prompt a second guess, even as you cycle through countless sartorial beats.

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