The Only Type Of Bracelet You’ll Ever Need

The Only Type Of Bracelet You’ll Ever Need

Is there a single piece of jewellery you can count on day in, day out? 

You might be thinking about a dainty necklace or a pair of hoops as they’ve been popping up everywhere during the past few seasons, but our answer is quite different:

A simple bangle.

It’s true. 

Easy to slide on and pair with both minimalist and intricate looks, this is *the* go-to piece your jewellery box is missing.

Here are two of our most recent creations…

The first one is our Carpus Bangle. Part of the Love You to the Bone collection, it is named after the collection of bones found in your wrist. Created using 18ct recycled yellow gold in our workshop in Switzerland, it will effortlessly elevate your everyday looks. Wear it by itself or stacked with other bracelets to unleash its full creative potential.


Carpus Bangle

Diamond Carpus Bangle by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Diamond Carpus Bangle

The second bangle that can power up your daily accessory selection is the "Quote Un-Quote" bangle. Part of our other signature collection, it is also handcrafted in our workshop out of 18ct recycled yellow gold. Its slender silhouette  frames your wrist with two quotation marks, acting like a source of inspiration throughout the day.

"Quote Un-Quote" Bangle

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