Everything About Signet Rings & How To Wear Yours

Everything About Signet Rings & How To Wear Yours

Though signet rings have been around since the dawn of time, they’ve only recently crossed the embedded social norms to become the highlights of contemporary jewellery collections.

Historically worn by established men as the mark of hereditary power and wealth, the appeal of signet rings has now broadened to include all ages and genders. Their exclusive, commanding status has given way to a frank interpretation of what signet rings actually are: a durable proclamation in jewellery form.

That said, let’s see how you can show off your style in a fanciful way…

What finger does a woman wear a signet ring on?

By tradition, signet rings are worn on the pinkie finger. More specifically, on the pinkie finger of the non-dominant hand. Why? For obvious reasons: wearing it this way is both practical and safe, as it places the signet ring in the least exposed, least active spot.

However, this is not a hard rule. You could choose to break with tradition and move it to any other finger, giving up practicality in favour of expressivity. Wear yours however it feels the most natural for your mood, style or occasion.

Signet ring engravings: what do they mean?

Today, you might still choose to have your family crest or sigil engraved on a signet ring and stay true to the conventional meaning. Alternatively, you could express your identity more subtly (and secretly!) by means of an engraved pattern or a specific array of gemstones.

Whether familial or abstract, a signet ring is a special piece of jewellery that you may wish to upgrade to an heirloom. Ordering one is a decision you make now for you and others to enjoy down the road, so take your time to refine and decide.

Which way should a signet ring face?

If your signet ring has a symbol or a crest on it, it makes sense to wear it upside down from your perspective, so that it faces right side up to everyone else. However, geometric designs with diamonds or gems are more open to interpretation and can be worn whichever way you wish.

18ct recycled Yellow Gold Pinkie Signet Ring by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Gold Pinkie Signet Ring

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