The Classic Elegance of A Diamond Set

The Classic Elegance of A Diamond Set

As the saying goes… diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And, might we add, that is particularly true when said diamonds come in a practical format.

After all, why save all your diamonds for evening wear? Enjoy wearing them freely and for longer by choosing minimalist designs that are just right for daytime.

Below, we’re looking at our necklace and studs that feature diamonds as their focus points, without being overtly overpowering. Wear them together or mix and match to suit your preference.

The Studs

Nothing is more innately elegant than a simple diamond stud. At McFarlane Fine Jewellery, this comes in two options: a Baguette and a Princess Cut.

The Baguette Diamond Stud has a chic, everlasting appeal that makes it a reliable accessory in your jewellery collection. Will pair well with the Kimberly Diamond Necklace (see below).

Baguette Diamond Stud by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Baguette Diamond Stud

The Princess Cut Diamond Stud is a superb little piece to wear by itself or stacked with a cuff or other hoops, depending on your ear piercings. Its square shape is classically beautiful and will play nice with everything else in your jewellery arsenal.

Princess Cut Diamond Stud by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Princess Cut Diamond Stud

The Necklace

A multitude of our pieces are carefully encrusted with diamonds, but only this necklace features a diamond baguette charm. Stunningly beautiful on its 18ct white gold chain, it has potential to power your no-jewellery jewellery look all on its own.

Kimberly Diamond Necklace by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Kimberly Diamond Necklace


Bonus: The Diamond Bracelet

We couldn’t resist shining the spotlight onto a bracelet as well. For this, the delicate Diamond Studded Bracelet is a graceful choice. Created out of 18ct yellow gold, it has 5 diamonds throughout its length, so they shine from all around.

Diamond Studded Bracelet close up by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Diamond Studded Bracelet

Wear it as an understated accent or pair it with other bracelets for a layered look.

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