3 Gold Necklace Designs You Can Wear Daily

Easy to put on, free-flowing, practical, meaningful and expressive. These are the features that make a gold necklace ready for daily wear. Incidentally, they’re also the way to describe the most popular subset of the past few decades: dainty necklaces.

In practical terms, the infinite number of tiny interlocking links allow the fine chain to fluidly mirror and echo your movement. And because it’s so light, you’ll barely feel it’s there.

In terms of style, it is - of course - all about the pendant. This is the conversation starter, the pop of colour or the bearer of meaning. And with such a wide array of materials, textures and shapes to choose from, the sky’s the limit.

Below, a curated selection of gold necklace designs you can wear daily….

The Custom Pendant

You can have any one or two letters of your choosing engraved on a 18ct yellow gold disc pendant. Maybe it’s your initial, as a sweet and charming gesture. But what if it’s not, and it comes from the name of a city or a feeling or something mysterious? Then it’s just for you - and a select few -  to know and to smile at.

18ct Yellow Gold Customisable Disc Necklace

The Inline Pendant

With the pendant attached on two sides, inline with the chain, the heart necklace is our fresh take on the dainty, everyday necklace design. On the one hand, the sleek layout facilitates an even wider range of movements, making it a top choice for an active, dynamic lifestyle. On the other, the raised placement of the pendant subverts expectations and creates a stark contrast to the soft, romantic symbolism of the heart shape.

Heart Necklace

The Matching Set

Dainty necklaces are often worn a few at a time, in cascading layers. This is an effective and intuitive styling pattern. With this in mind, we’ve created a set of matching necklaces that are purposely designed to be worn together. The chains have different lengths, so one will always hang below the other, reducing the risk of entanglement. And the 66/99 shapes are weighted carefully, so they will aways maintain the intended orientation.

"Quote Un-Quote" Layered Necklace Set (sold out)

For more daily wear gold necklace designs, visit the shop section of our website.

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