The Best Way To Clean Your Earrings

Love it when your ear game is on point? Who doesn’t!

But, the game is off if your earrings aren’t clean and shiny every day.

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Read up on the three most common cleaning methods, as listed below, and keep your earrings in top shape at all times. Hint: there are different methods for different materials.

How To Clean Gold Earrings

As far as quality materials go, white or yellow gold earrings are the least fussy of them all.

You can count on them to be by your side for pretty much forever, with very little maintenance.

If, after numerous wears, you notice that dirt has accumulated in some nooks or corners, it’s time to take action. Use a mild soap and warm water to restore their shine. Let them soak in a small bowl for a little while, them pull them out and gently rub the dirtiest spots with your thumbs. After that, rinse with water, pat them dry with a lint-free cloth and they should be good as new!

How To Clean Pearl Earrings

Effortlessly classic, pearls will elevate your earlobes and on any occasion. But in return, they demand special care and attention, since they are a porous material.

If they become dirty, all you should do is gently rub them with a dry, soft cloth until their appearance is restored. Do not use water or solvents! Bonus points if you clean them quickly after every use.

Here are a couple of pointers to keep them in top shape: prevent them from coming into contact with water, lotion or perfume and always store them in their own pouch or box.

On the flip side, pearls actually benefit from rubbing against the oils in your skin - it helps them maintain their shine. So the more often you wear them, the prettier they’ll look. And this right here is what you can call a win-win situation!

How To Clean Precious Gemstone Earrings

The guidelines for cleaning precious gemstone earrings are similar to those for cleaning gold earrings.

Namely, use a mild soap and water to get rid of any dirt accumulations, while gently rubbing with your fingers. If needed, use a new toothbrush with soft bristles.

Be mindful of exactly what gemstones are in your earrings: some, like opal, emerald, turquoise or amber are very soft and can accidentally get scratched in the process. When you’re done, pat them dry with a lint-free cloth or lay them down to finish drying.

Aaand that’s it - enjoy your flawless ear game!


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