Everyday Heroes: The Best Stud Earrings Right Now

Self-evident, but it needs to be said: stud earrings are the best everyday earrings. Their small silhouette offers just enough shine to complete an outfit without shifting away the attention.

An indisputable hero of everyday styling, right up there with dainty necklaces and simple band rings, they consolidate their reputation year after year.

And as their overall size remains decidedly small, we strive to reinvent their design with every change of season.

The Power Of A Well Chosen Pair Of Studs

The fascinating thing about earrings this tiny is the need to innovate in a rather tight space - literally. The latest when it comes to studs is a deluge of bright, colourful gemstones, fresh contours and fine asymmetries.

Seeing as we’ve now entered the colder months, the fact that all eyes are on bold colours comes as no surprise. Deep, saturated hues thrive in autumn and winter: even a single ray of sunshine is enough to unleash their powerful colours. Rubies, sapphires and emeralds - whichever your favourites may be, choose them confidently and wear them every day.

The Best Stud Earrings Right Now

Our favourite studs right now are dainty, but direct, small, but striking and unapologetic in their perfection.

They keep a perfect gem neatly in the middle and, whether it’s nested or held in place with a delicate claw, the result is mesmerising.

Ruby Studs

Emerald Studs

Dark Blue Sapphire Studs

Claw Set Ruby Studs

If you prefer your studs with no colour at all, you may already know what we suggest: diamonds.

Nothing highlights a pastel cashmere sweater quite like a diamond bar stud.

Diamond Bar Studs


A Unique Type Of Versatility

Studs are particularly versatile. And not just because they pair well with anything and everything. The way we make them, studs become the ultimate pieces to mix and match, because they lend themselves to a variety of innovative combinations.

For instance, one of our absolute favourite ways of dressing them up is to choose different pendants to wear them with. The result is a fresh pair of dangle earrings that can be worn in at least three ways, depending on how daring you feel that day.

Ruby & Lemon Chrysoprase Earrings (Small)

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