Behind The Gems: Snake Ring

Behind The Gems: Snake Ring

“Behind the Gems” is a long-running monthly series that takes you on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of our signature creations.

We’ve recently had the privilege to create an entirely new design for a very special customer. It's a piece we personally adore, so we're sharing the story behind it in this week’s edition.

Lenka wearing her new ring

Starting off, the brief was to create a snake ring in 18ct yellow gold featuring blue sapphires. It's always exciting to start working on a bespoke piece and that joy is only multiplied when the client is someone close to us.

Jana is a dear friend, one of our very first models and the sweetest supporter and client. Over the years we’ve created rings and earrings for her and we've swooned over the fine jewellery auctions at Sotheby’s in Geneva together.

A few months ago, she asked if we could design a ring for her twin sister Lenka as a graduation gift from art school from their mum, brother and herself. Lenka is a very talented artist and we wanted to create something beautiful that she could wear for years to come - hopefully becoming a family heirloom of her own.

Jana had received a sapphire ring from their mum on her graduation and wanted Lenka to share in the tradition too. So, as we began sketching out a few ideas, she asked if we could add a surprise to the design and twist the band to mimic her own ring.

Snapshots from the process

Esther and I’s hearts melted!! We loved the thoughtfulness behind the gift and are such huge fans of these adorable sisters! The final result is a handmade 18ct yellow gold ring with a hand carved twisted pattern. The snake head is set with two blue sapphires and two tiny diamonds as eyes.

Jana's ring (left) and Lenka's new ring (right)

We’re so thrilled that we were able to bring this idea to life and hope that it brings Lenka all the happiness and good fortune in the world!


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