Behind The Gems: Quote Un-Quote

Each week we’re taking you on a backstage tour to show you the inspiration and design processes that lead to the creation of our signature collections.

In this edition, we’re unveiling our passion for quotes and uncovering the thoughts behind every little detail of the popular "Quote Un-Quote” collection.

"Quote Un-Quote”: The Beginning

We’re suckers for quotes (who isn’t, really?) and we love the fact that there is one for EVERY situation.

What we wanted to try was to incorporate them into an outfit without touching on kitsch or going over-the-top.

Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Necklace



"Quote Un-Quote”: The Design Process

After creating the Love You to the Bone collection, we felt like taking a step away from silver and focusing our attention on gold.

So we started toying with the idea of using the 66/99 shapes on delicate 18ct gold rings.

Little by little, this idea gained traction and was ultimately expanded into a full range.

"Quote Un-Quote" Necklace
"Quote Un-Quote" Earrings
Little Quote Rings - out of stock
Did you know…
The 66 99 quote pendants are both bottom-heavy to prevent the pendants from turning around when you wear them. 

"Quote Un-Quote”: Open To Interpretation

Isn’t it fascinating how people can listen to the same song, hear the same quote or read the same book and interpret them in a wildly distinct way?

We want our pieces to have the same versatility, to enable them to be incorporated into any look and to be a piece of jewellery that changes with you. 

For example, the Pearl Pendants or "add-ons" for the QUQ Stud Earrings are long enough to be worn either at the front or behind the earlobe. The pendants are detachable and can luxuriously transform the look of any stud earring resulting in endless styling options.

Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Earrings 
Bottom x 2:
Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Earrings with Pearls
Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Ear Cuff with Diamond Encrusted Stud
 We’re excitedly looking forward to building on the collection in the future - watch this space!
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