Behind The Gems: Love You to the Bone

Welcome to the first chapter of Behind The Gems, a new blog series that will uncover the inspiration behind the Love Is collections.

Let's face it: statement jewellery is amazing in itself, but all the more so when it comes to life as an expression of past memories and experiences.

In today’s blog post we’re rewinding some of the turning points that lead to the creation of the LYB collection...

The LYB range was our very first collection and it started out as a rework of an old piece. We had been struggling for a while to find a concept that truly caught both Esther's imagination and mine. However, slowly but surely, the idea started to appear.

It stemmed from an old memory of a pirate necklace Esther had created for a 5-year-old Robert. Sadly, the silver Jolly Roger pendant had become "pirate treasure" (i.e. buried somewhere in the garden) and the remaining chain of silver bones a forgotten memory until it was uncovered in a corner of the workshop.

It doesn’t take more that a flicker of inspiration to create an entire collection and that’s exactly what happened. One by one, the pieces in the LYB collection took shape leading us to our next challenge... Naming them. 

Naming the collection was easy (we're suckers for cliches) but the pieces? Eh.

So, with some last minute help from some dear friends (i.e. panic brainstorming the day before their launch), this is what we came up with:  

  • B'Os Rings: Bone + Os (the Latin term for bone) = B'Os (pronounced boss
  • Phalanx Rings: Named after phalanx bones found in your fingers. 
  • Carpus Cufflinks & Bangle: Named after the collection of bones found in your wrist known as the carpus.

The LYB Stackable Rings:

Stackable and all sorts of stunning, these LYB rings are the ultimate statement makers. Don’t hesitate to wear them from day to night - they’ll quickly become your signature pieces!

Yellow Gold, Diamond & Gold Little Phalanx Stack

The LYB Necklace:

 The Lovely Bones Necklace

There are no half-measures in the LYB collection: this decadent necklace is perfect for special events. 


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