Behind The Gems: Blue Sapphire Earrings

“Behind The Gems” is a long-running monthly series that takes you on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of our signature collections.

In this edition, it’s all about a stunning pair of sapphire earrings and how they came to be.


Sapphires: Meanings & Colours

Traditionally, sapphires have been considered a symbol of loyalty, as well as of wealth and royalty.

Chemically known as corundum, sapphires are very strong: a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, just below diamonds. And they come in a rainbow of colours: from yellow to red, green and blue, with blue being the rarest and the most expensive.

With such a fantastic legacy, it was only a matter of time until they made their way into one of our pieces…

Inspiration & Design

Esther and Kathleen discovered some beautifully antique cut sapphires at Baselworld two years ago. They were instantly drawn to them because of their opacity and stunning dark blue colour.

The stones were for sale as two separate sets. But, when put together, they turned out to be a perfect combo for statement earrings.

Although clear sapphires are usually preferred here at Love Is, there was something about these blue stones that caught our imagination.

Once in the workshop, Esther and Kathleen were on the fence about the final design. Torn between a minimalistic approach and a very intricate design, they went back and forth on the decision for one full year.

The winner?

A simple design that highlights the sapphire’s natural beauty and stunning blue colour, in a white gold (18ct) setting for contrast and intrigue.

The Finished Piece

Made from antique cut sapphire mother stones, these unique earrings are sure to make a fine addition to your jewellery collection:

Unique: 1/1
2 antique cut sapphires: 12.5x16mm
2 antique cut sapphire drops: 19x12mm 
18ct white gold setting 
Large butterfly clasp with disc in 18ct white gold 


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