Are Hoop Earrings In Style?

There’s no doubt about it: if summer were a pair of earrings, it’d be a pair of hoops. Whether small or oversized, the style has always been a favourite of women everywhere.

Photo credit: @alisonliaudat

But are they still going strong today? Keep reading to find the answer.

Classic versus New

Super-easy to wear in the hot summer weather (and playful to boot!), a pair of hoops can quickly become a staple in every wardrobe and jewellery box.

It’s hard to imagine that their classic silhouette will ever go out of style. But there’s a new rendition coming in: hoops mixed with drop earrings or decorated with dangling pendants.

This twist will make them stand out even more. And you along with them.

Esmeralda Hoops with Pearl Pendants (Large)

They can be worn with or without the gorgeous pearl pendants.

How To Wear Hoop Earrings Casually

Since hoops can take up a fair share of visual space around your face, keep the rest of your jewellery light. A dainty necklace and matching rings are more than enough to graciously compliment them without going overboard.

As for your outfit options, one idea is to wear them with a fun jumpsuit and heels for the ultimate chic-and-practical look:

Photo credit: @alisonliaudat

Hoop Earrings: More Styling Suggestions

If you choose a fun pair of hoops that compliment your style, you’ll have a great time wearing them all summer long.

You can match yours with everything from pretty floral dresses and espadrilles to jeans, slides and off-the-shoulder tees.

For extra style points, go for earrings that have a unique twist to them: asymmetries and mix-and-matching are big this year, as are the extra sparkly, eye-catching pieces. And, in fashion, as in life, remember to dream big, go bigger and live it up!

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