A Quick Guide To Our Drop Earrings Sizing

A Quick Guide To Our Drop Earrings Sizing

Drop earrings are a favourite here at McFarlane Fine Jewellery. We just love the simplicity and the versatility of the form factor: an 18ct gold hook holding a precious stone drop. From topaz to malachite and lapis lazuli, we offer this core concept rendered in plentiful varieties of colours and patterns.

And, to give our customers even more options, some of our drop earrings come in three sizes...


The Dimensions

While the hook is a constant one-size-fits-all, the drops themselves vary in height and width. Look for the exact dimensions listed in the product descriptions as you shop. The 2 or 3 mm increments might sound insignificant, but on the scale of fine jewellery that makes a world of difference! So when you’re out to reshuffle your jewellery wardrobe, these are the things to keep in mind…

The Right Drop Earring Size For You: Small

If you love earrings, you’ll want to put on a pair every time you head out. Something simple and comfortable that will make your outfit feel complete. So, for everyday, pick the smallest size of drop earrings, throw them on and forget they’re there.

Subtle and light, they will peek out from underneath a strand of hair every now and again as elegant marks of your style.

The Right Drop Earring Size For You: Large

Large is the way to go if you’re after a full visual impact. Extravagantly rounded and with a shape that draws attention, the largest size showcases the beauty of the gemstone.

If the spotlight will be on you (think: presentations, one-on-one meetings, interviews), choose a pair of large drop earrings. They will frame your face and gently echo your movements without being over the top.

The Right Drop Earring Size For You: Medium

Medium pair is the best of both worlds. Not understated, but not too bold either, it is a versatile choice for those whose schedules are so dynamic that they need to be ready for anything, anytime, everyday.

And while the shape and presence of medium sized drop earrings will work in any context, what about colour? Which gemstone is the most versatile?

It’s simple, actually: just disregard any other styling restrictions and go for the option that speaks to you! If you’re wearing the gemstone you love, you’ll feel confident and inspired in any outfit.

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