3 Ways To Style… The Little Chilli Necklace

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you wear our pieces out and about! So this week we’re making it easier for you to do just that by sharing three different ways to style a necklace.

The Little Chilli Necklace is one of our signature designs and, like many of its dainty counterparts, it is so easy to wear that it lends itself to many, many outfits.

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Whether you need some inspiration on styling your favourite dainty necklace or you’re thinking about getting The Little Chilli Necklace for yourself, we hope this round-up inspires you.

With Your Favourite Bathing Suit

Trend reports say it’s the summer of the one-piece bathing suit, so when showing yours off poolside, make it stand out with some sparkle around your neck. Bonus points if your necklace adds a hint of colour, too.

Just let the sunscreen soak in a little before putting your necklace on and, of course, remember to take it off before you dive in for a swim. (You may risk losing or deteriorating it.)

With A Going Out Top

If your summer uniform is a crop top and comfortable bottoms, you’ve got it all figured out. And, when you’re switching to a more eye-catching top for nighttime, you can simply style it with a dainty necklace.

Bonus points if it has an elongated pendant like The Little Chilli Necklace - it perfectly compliments every V-neck or spaghetti strap top.

With A Round Neck Top And A Lightweight Jacket

Whether you’re in the southern hemisphere, where temperatures are lower right now, or you simply want to pick up some tips for autumn in the norther hemisphere, one thing’s for sure: you can pretty much live in this simple combination. Round neck light knit, your favourite jacket layered on top and a dash of shine in the form of a dainty necklace.

If you want to keep things interesting go for a selection of muted colours, so as to let the red coral pop against the textile. Super simple and fuss-free!


Photo credit for all photos in this article: the lovely and super stylish @annamaradan.

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