Anatomy Of A Classic: The Link Chain Necklace

Anatomy Of A Classic: The Link Chain Necklace

Chain link necklaces have been manufactured and worn in various forms since Antiquity, their form becoming finer and finer as technology progressed. Over the centuries, many cultures around the world have appreciated their durability and versatility. 

In this article we’ll cover some background on the use of chain links in jewellery and reveal how we’ve chosen to design our own rendition of this classic, a stylish 18ct gold link necklace…


The concept is simple: a large number of identical segments joined in a repetitive sequence. Oftentimes, the design of the chain is left at that: a core focus on that recurrence and fluidity. At other times, embellishments are added - either as slip-on pendants or as special, distinctive links within the chain itself.


Whether used as is or as supports for pendants, chain links come in distinctive aesthetic variations that have developed over centuries or millennia of manufacturing. The most notable are the trace chain (the simplest of them all), the twisted link chain (lays flat, but the links are slightly twisted), the rolo (has only round links), the rope chain (has a spiral allure), the Figaro (three standard links followed by an elongated one) and the curb chain (lays perfectly flat).


The links themselves are formed out of a precious metal wire that’s cut into segments and bent into shape. The method began as a manual process, of course, but in current times has become an automated operation performed by machines. But what the machine is doing in terms of pace and scale is up to the jewellery designer.

Link Chain Necklace

Our choice was to start with 18ct gold, since that’s the best balance between purity and durability and to look for ways of creating a fresh, airy and contemporary feel. We decided this could be achieved by having fewer, more elongated and slightly larger links. With a standard, one-size-fits-all length of 42 centimetres, the resulting effect is a perceivable change in scale, making the necklace the perfect layering piece for lively, up-to-date looks. Enjoy!

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