Memory Trick: It's all in the Rings

If you are anything like me and always juggling a million different things at once, remembering to make that all too important phone call/email/etc before 5pm can seem like mission impossible. Having missed call after call, a friend of mine, knowing my love of jewellery and what I’d like to think of as “adorable disorganisation”, suggested a trick her mother had taught her; to switch a ring that you’d normally wear to a different finger.

The simplicity of this idea may strike you as me being silly, but it really works. Every time you try to return your ring to it’s usual haunt, you will be reminded of why it is there in the first place, hence, making that call/email/etc. with time to spare. 

It’s all the rings darlings ;) 

Big hugs, 

P.s. Just as a tip be sure to use different fingers and rings all the time so you don’t get too use to it (i.e.. I’ve used this trick far too many times.) 

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