Sneak Peek: Love You to the Bone

We are very excited to announce our new collection entitled “Love You to the Bone” (LYB) which will be gracing our store in May this year. Inspired by the old saying “like a dog with a bone” and people’s teasing referral to Esther and I as a very determined pair of women, this playful and slightly edgy collection is an exciting new addition to the Li range. 

Unlike our previous collections, we have chosen to create these playful little bones purely out of silver. This was a conscious decision for both its design simplicity and a wish to highlight the versatility of this often under appreciated metal. All of the pieces in the LYB collection are completed with one of three finishes; shiny, matt or frosted with the addition of a black limited edition version coming out later this year.   

LYB is designed for the people who exude an air of quiet confidence with an understated and individual style. The pieces can be worn individually or mixed and matched to create your own unique look.

At the moment we are busy adding the final finishing touches and preparing to shoot the campaign for the collection this weekend. Stay tuned for more updates soon lovelies!

Till then, big hugs

The Li Team  

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