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The Lovelist

30 Minutes To The Perfect Jewellery Wardrobe

Building the perfect jewellery wardrobe shouldn’t be a formidable, fatiguing or stress-inducing task.

On the contrary, if you skip the obligation to *get it right*, you’ll find that the process becomes light and enjoyable. And the result will be amazing!

Let us guide your steps towards the perfect jewellery wardrobe, through a 3-step process that takes less than half an hour.


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Hello Spring!

Can you believe it’s spring already?? 2014 is just flying by!

Last year we welcomed spring with a picture mixing pieces from our collection with the flowers of the season. We love the snap and couldn’t wait to create something similar! So, starting this year we will welcome spring, summer, autumn and winter with a picture to show off our changing collection and as a little nod to each new season.Over time we hope that these pictures will act as a little “time capsule” for Li and show the development of our brand, our jewellery and my shaky photography skills.

Below is the start of the “Hello Spring” series.   


Hello Spring 2013


Hello Spring 2014

What do you think of the idea? And which is your favourite picture so far?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!  

Till next time, big hugs 


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