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There Are No Rules For Wearing Pearls. Or Are There?

Are there any rules for wearing pearls? Yes. No. Sometimes.

Because pearls are opaque and visually present, there are cases when wearing too many of them leads to a cluttered look. This, however, leaves room for matching pearls with other types of jewellery.

Read on to see what we mean.

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What Are Transformable Earrings And How To Wear Them

When preparing for a new jewellery investment, the go-to approach is to consider a well defined set of criteria for a well defined scenario: “works with my hair tied into a bun”, “can be worn at the office”, “won’t snag in my scarf”. And when all the checkboxes are ticked, the result is one piece you feel confident going forward with.

This holds true. It’s just that… there’s another way to go about this.

Mix-and-matching different jewellery lets you tick checkboxes off multiple lists, allowing you to successfully transition from one scenario to another. Transformable earrings, for example, have detachable parts that can be removed for a lighter, sleeker look, kept on, for the complete, composed look, or even attached to other earrings, for a full-on statement.

Read on to get the full scoop.

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Behind the Gems: Pearls

Pearls are the Little Black Dress of the jewellery world. Stylish, versatile and effortlessly timeless, they should make their way into every girl’s wardrobe.

But do you know what to look for when making such a strategic investment? And how to care for them once you do?

Here are our pointers…

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Fine Jewellery Every Woman Should Own


Granted, the editing of your wardrobe, shoe closet or jewellery box does not come up too often.

Yet when you’re late to an event and struggling to find something remotely satisfying to wear, you might find a way out faster if your choices were already curated.

As with everything in life, it’s more about quality than about quantity.

Ahead you’ll find our list of fine jewellery pieces every woman should own. With this in tow, you’ll never again agonise over what to wear...

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