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When Not To Wear A Necklace

Knowing what not to do is every bit as useful as knowing what to do. And when it comes to styling, this tidbit rings particularly true. Specifically, what are the contexts in which wearing a necklace is not needed or simply impractical?

We believe that it comes down to a simple question: does the necklace add anything to your look? If the answer is yes, it might be best to leave it on. If the answer is no, it is likely that the necklace is objectively unnecessary.

Here are two illustrations of this theory…

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Should Your Earrings And Necklace Match? Well…

Well, what are you going for? A classic, timeless look that can’t go wrong or a risqué visual statement that pushes the boundaries? Naturally, there isn’t a definitive right answer - it all depends on the context you’re in.

But there is one rule to stick to: always be sure to make a conscious choice. Here’s how…

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Behind The Gems: Stringing Necklaces

“Behind The Gems” is a long-running monthly series that takes you on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of our signature collections.

In this special edition, we’re focusing on the art of stringing necklaces.

You may have heard of people having their “pearl necklaces restrung”. In this article, we will explain what this means and how often it needs to get done. And you'll see that it applies to more than just pearls. Plus, we won’t shy away from getting really technical, so you can fully understand the restringing process.

The first thing you need to know is that there are four main types of threads: natural silk, nylon/mixed threads, rubberised steel and fine chain. Each of these comes with their own particularities, advantages and disadvantages, all of which have been carefully considered by the jewellers who created your necklaces.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Jewellery Trends For Autumn 2018

Summer has come and gone, but no worries: stylish jewellery is here to stay. Let’s kick off a new season by taking a look at the top jewellery trends for autumn.

As if to compensate for the lack of sunshine outside, the designs seem to channel it. There’s lots of shine coming through, along with nature-inspired shapes and a general pre-disposition towards the beauty of asymmetry.

Keep reading to discover the top trends and look for the pieces we’re loving for each.

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3 Ways To Style… The Little Chilli Necklace

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you wear our pieces out and about! So this week we’re making it easier for you to do just that by sharing three different ways to style a necklace.

The Little Chilli Necklace is one of our signature designs and, like many of its dainty counterparts, it is so easy to wear that it lends itself to many, many outfits.

Shop the Little Chilli Necklace

Whether you need some inspiration on styling your favourite dainty necklace or you’re thinking about getting The Little Chilli Necklace for yourself, we hope this round-up inspires you.

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How To Wear A Gold Chain Necklace So It Looks Amazing Every Time

Gold chain necklaces are a staple in everyone’s jewellery box.

But as with all classics, there comes a time when you run out of styling ideas. So consider this your quick guide to making your favourite gold chain necklace look fresh again.

Easy to layer, eye-catching and mega chic, you’ll find that it doesn’t need much to stand out, apart from a keen eye for detail. Let’s jump right in!

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Behind The Gems: Quote Un-Quote

Each week we’re taking you on a backstage tour to show you the inspiration and design processes that lead to the creation of our signature collections.

In this edition, we’re unveiling our passion for quotes and uncovering the thoughts behind every little detail of the popular "Quote Un-Quote” collection.

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Fine Jewellery Every Woman Should Own


Granted, the editing of your wardrobe, shoe closet or jewellery box does not come up too often.

Yet when you’re late to an event and struggling to find something remotely satisfying to wear, you might find a way out faster if your choices were already curated.

As with everything in life, it’s more about quality than about quantity.

Ahead you’ll find our list of fine jewellery pieces every woman should own. With this in tow, you’ll never again agonise over what to wear...

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