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The Best Earrings If You Have Long Hair

Figuring out what earrings to choose shouldn’t be something that you get tangled in every morning, especially if you do plan on wearing your long hair down.

Admittedly, there is an easy way out: put on no earrings at all.

But who would want that, really?

So, instead, just go over this list of earrings that won’t get caught in your locks, yet are expressive enough to draw attention to your face and to what you have to say.

We’ll start with the obvious and work our way through to the more complex options. Let’s explore them together…

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How To Match Your Earrings To Your Clothes So Your Style Stays On Point

Truth be told, matching your earrings to the clothes you’re wearing might be the very last thing on your list if you’re heading out in a rush or if it’s really early in the morning. But something quite magical happens when a pair of earrings perfectly compliments your look - your face lights up, you look put together and you feel confident.

We’ve put together a a quick guide to help you get there without overthinking it.

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How To Wear A Gold Chain Necklace So It Looks Amazing Every Time

Gold chain necklaces are a staple in everyone’s jewellery box.

But as with all classics, there comes a time when you run out of styling ideas. So consider this your quick guide to making your favourite gold chain necklace look fresh again.

Easy to layer, eye-catching and mega chic, you’ll find that it doesn’t need much to stand out, apart from a keen eye for detail. Let’s jump right in!

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