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3 Gold Necklace Designs You Can Wear Daily

Easy to put on, free-flowing, practical, meaningful and expressive. These are the features that make a gold necklace ready for daily wear. Incidentally, they’re also the way to describe the most popular subset of the past few decades: dainty necklaces.

In practical terms, the infinite number of tiny interlocking links allow the fine chain to fluidly mirror and echo your movement. And because it’s so light, you’ll barely feel it’s there.

In terms of style, it is - of course - all about the pendant. This is the conversation starter, the pop of colour or the bearer of meaning. And with such a wide array of materials, textures and shapes to choose from, the sky’s the limit.

Below, a curated selection of gold necklace designs you can wear daily….

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Business Casual Jewellery, Explained

Whether it’s clearly mandated or unspoken, most working spaces require you to adhere to a dress code. But this is in no way a styling setback. Because the more restrictive the code, the more mental space you have for expressing your personality through jewellery.

Once you’ve curated your jewellery wardrobe, use this question as a guiding principle: who are you meeting today? Clients, colleagues or outside friends?

Let’s look at these environments one by one…

Business Casual Jewellery: Meeting Clients

If your work requires considerable face time with your company’s clients or business partners, you’ll want to position yourself as an expert they can trust. Jewellery is brilliant for this, since earrings and necklaces highlight your face, drawing attention to your expression and to what you have to say.

For maximum credibility, you’ll need to select balanced pieces that are neither under-, nor overwhelming. More specifically, pendant necklaces, precious gemstones and drop earrings are perfectly positioned between dainty and statement.

Business Casual Jewellery: Meeting Coworkers

In a crowded office environment, the keyword is collaboration. This is not the context to put yourself in the spotlight, but rather to relate to your colleagues or employees and be part of the conversation.

Wearing something bright, dainty and colourful will help you be perceived as open, approachable and engaging. Consider a fine bracelet or an assortment of stackable rings.

Business Casual Jewellery: Meeting Friends

Are you an artist, a digital nomad or a solopreneur? Whenever you work alone, your dress code is self-imposed and certainly biased towards comfort. It has to be, because nothing should ever break your focus.

So when you’re going out on a lunch break with your spouse or for some after-hour drinks with your friends, you’ll want to truly shine and enjoy your time off the clock. You can achieve this by wearing (even more) jewellery. Don’t hold back and put on your favourite statement pieces, the ones that express your personal style unapologetically.

And if you’re operating from a studio or from a coworking space and you don’t have time to dash home to change your look, you could consider some transformable jewellery. They can successfully elevate your casual look with minimum hustle.

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Summer Is Almost Here: Refresh Your Jewellery Collection

With summer just a couple of weeks away, this is the best time to make some fresh choices. If you curate your jewellery collection now, you’ll have a full range of pre-selected pieces that can take you from late-night partying to poolside lounging time and time again.

As hair becomes lighter, skin gets darker and jewellery shines brighter, this is the season to go wilder with your style choices. Imagine pieces that move like, feel like and fully reflect the spirit of summer: wild, free and luxurious.

Here’s what we mean…

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Should Your Earrings And Necklace Match? Well…

Well, what are you going for? A classic, timeless look that can’t go wrong or a risqué visual statement that pushes the boundaries? Naturally, there isn’t a definitive right answer - it all depends on the context you’re in.

But there is one rule to stick to: always be sure to make a conscious choice. Here’s how…

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The Infallible Capsule Jewellery Wardrobe For The Next Decade

How does one achieve stylistic longevity in an ever-changing world?

Our (admittedly biased) answer is jewellery. And the objective answer is also jewellery. It is always jewellery: gold, diamonds, gemstones and pearls are constantly in fashion.

But while the materials themselves are immutable by default, the designs might not be. So some curation is required…

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The Simple Guide To Earring Length

Earring length is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a pair for the day. Other factors like practicality or, let’s be honest, how well they go with your clothes are much more likely to make the top of your list. In time, this turns into some kind of instinct, one that drives your decisions without effort.

Well, by going over the pointers below, you’ll be able to hone your skills and incorporate an additional factor into your aesthetic instinct: earring length. Your swift styling decisions will be all the more inspired!

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Jewellery Trends Spring/Summer 2019

Hello 2019! As we look forward to a new year of fashion and style, the rule of thumb to keep in mind is that, as clothes become thinner or shorter, jewellery can get more visually present.

Browse through the top Spring/Summer 2019 trends and shop our must-have selection to stay in tune with the times.

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How To Wear Hoop Earrings Casually And Formally

Out of all the jewellery trends that have come our way, none is as versatile, fun and easy to wear as hoop earrings. No wonder they’re so popular right now!

And the magic doesn't stop here.

Thanks to their simple, unpretentious shape, they can be rendered in a variety of colours and finishes or even accessorised with extra details - the sky is the limit when it comes to hoop earrings. And, naturally, this makes them even more wearable: who doesn't want to throw on a pair and go about their day looking fabulous?

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3 Ways To Style… The Little Chilli Necklace

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you wear our pieces out and about! So this week we’re making it easier for you to do just that by sharing three different ways to style a necklace.

The Little Chilli Necklace is one of our signature designs and, like many of its dainty counterparts, it is so easy to wear that it lends itself to many, many outfits.

Shop the Little Chilli Necklace

Whether you need some inspiration on styling your favourite dainty necklace or you’re thinking about getting The Little Chilli Necklace for yourself, we hope this round-up inspires you.

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How To Match Your Earrings To Your Clothes So Your Style Stays On Point

Truth be told, matching your earrings to the clothes you’re wearing might be the very last thing on your list if you’re heading out in a rush or if it’s really early in the morning. But something quite magical happens when a pair of earrings perfectly compliments your look - your face lights up, you look put together and you feel confident.

We’ve put together a a quick guide to help you get there without overthinking it.

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