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There Are No Rules For Wearing Pearls. Or Are There?

Are there any rules for wearing pearls? Yes. No. Sometimes.

Because pearls are opaque and visually present, there are cases when wearing too many of them leads to a cluttered look. This, however, leaves room for matching pearls with other types of jewellery.

Read on to see what we mean.

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3 Ways To Style… The Little Chilli Necklace

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you wear our pieces out and about! So this week we’re making it easier for you to do just that by sharing three different ways to style a necklace.

The Little Chilli Necklace is one of our signature designs and, like many of its dainty counterparts, it is so easy to wear that it lends itself to many, many outfits.

Shop the Little Chilli Necklace

Whether you need some inspiration on styling your favourite dainty necklace or you’re thinking about getting The Little Chilli Necklace for yourself, we hope this round-up inspires you.

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How To Match Your Earrings To Your Clothes So Your Style Stays On Point

Truth be told, matching your earrings to the clothes you’re wearing might be the very last thing on your list if you’re heading out in a rush or if it’s really early in the morning. But something quite magical happens when a pair of earrings perfectly compliments your look - your face lights up, you look put together and you feel confident.

We’ve put together a a quick guide to help you get there without overthinking it.

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Any Well-Curated Jewellery Collection Must Have This

This year’s jewellery trend predictions are pretty wild and we can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out.

But, however fierce the upcoming seasons will get, we do know this: in an ever-changing sea of trends, classics always shine the brightest.

And there’s a particular one making a serious comeback in 2018.

Can you guess what it is?

(Hint: it’s the cornerstone of every well-curated jewellery box…)

Keep reading for the details.

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