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3 Gold Necklace Designs You Can Wear Daily

Easy to put on, free-flowing, practical, meaningful and expressive. These are the features that make a gold necklace ready for daily wear. Incidentally, they’re also the way to describe the most popular subset of the past few decades: dainty necklaces.

In practical terms, the infinite number of tiny interlocking links allow the fine chain to fluidly mirror and echo your movement. And because it’s so light, you’ll barely feel it’s there.

In terms of style, it is - of course - all about the pendant. This is the conversation starter, the pop of colour or the bearer of meaning. And with such a wide array of materials, textures and shapes to choose from, the sky’s the limit.

Below, a curated selection of gold necklace designs you can wear daily….

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When Not To Wear A Necklace

Knowing what not to do is every bit as useful as knowing what to do. And when it comes to styling, this tidbit rings particularly true. Specifically, what are the contexts in which wearing a necklace is not needed or simply impractical?

We believe that it comes down to a simple question: does the necklace add anything to your look? If the answer is yes, it might be best to leave it on. If the answer is no, it is likely that the necklace is objectively unnecessary.

Here are two illustrations of this theory…

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Creating A Styling Cycle With Transformable Jewellery

Jewellery pieces are described as transformable when they have detachable parts that can be moved, removed or replaced in order to create different looks for different contexts.

There is a certain liberty of choice too, as the concept offers unique styling options that would otherwise be impossible.

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How To Style Any Type Of Earrings

How do you style earrings? You just put them on and go!

It’s as simple as that because, in time, your styling choices have become automatic, unconscious.

We’re here to spell out some of them, so you can review them, celebrate them and even find/set new ones along the way.

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The Simple Guide To Earring Length

Earring length is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a pair for the day. Other factors like practicality or, let’s be honest, how well they go with your clothes are much more likely to make the top of your list. In time, this turns into some kind of instinct, one that drives your decisions without effort.

Well, by going over the pointers below, you’ll be able to hone your skills and incorporate an additional factor into your aesthetic instinct: earring length. Your swift styling decisions will be all the more inspired!

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How To Wear Drop Earrings

Coveted, photographed, worn and admired by women everywhere, drop earrings are absolute classics in the world of jewellery. Something about their Goldilocks proportions - not too long, not too short - makes them able to meet almost any styling challenge, in almost any context.

Read through our list of how to wear drop earrings and you will find inspiration for your existing jewellery, along with some altogether new suggestions.

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The Best Earrings If You Have Short Hair

If you have short hair, you've come to know that earrings are the default (and best) way to accessorise it. Short hair pairs so well with earrings because they work together as a team. Think of them as partners in making you look your absolute best.

And, since your hairstyle is set for weeks once you walk out of the salon, you’ll be relying on your earrings to switch things up time and time again.

With this in mind, here are the top choices…

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The Best Earrings If You Have Long Hair

Figuring out what earrings to choose shouldn’t be something that you get tangled in every morning, especially if you do plan on wearing your long hair down.

Admittedly, there is an easy way out: put on no earrings at all.

But who would want that, really?

So, instead, just go over this list of earrings that won’t get caught in your locks, yet are expressive enough to draw attention to your face and to what you have to say.

We’ll start with the obvious and work our way through to the more complex options. Let’s explore them together…

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