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The Infallible Capsule Jewellery Wardrobe For The Next Decade

How does one achieve stylistic longevity in an ever-changing world?

Our (admittedly biased) answer is jewellery. And the objective answer is also jewellery. It is always jewellery: gold, diamonds, gemstones and pearls are constantly in fashion.

But while the materials themselves are immutable by default, the designs might not be. So some curation is required…

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The Simple Guide To Earring Length

Earring length is hardly the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a pair for the day. Other factors like practicality or, let’s be honest, how well they go with your clothes are much more likely to make the top of your list. In time, this turns into some kind of instinct, one that drives your decisions without effort.

Well, by going over the pointers below, you’ll be able to hone your skills and incorporate an additional factor into your aesthetic instinct: earring length. Your swift styling decisions will be all the more inspired!

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The Investment Jewellery Pieces You Can Decidedly Wear Everyday

Getting yourself new jewellery to wear everyday is one thing, but finding an investment piece you can also sport day in, day out is a whole other beast.

And it’s easy to understand why: with all the options out there, making a decision is hard. So, whether you’re saving up to make an important purchase for your birthday or scouting out something for a loved one, here are three choices you simply can’t go wrong with.

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